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5 Ways to Thin the Herd When Hiring a Web Development Professional

When you decide to undertake a web development project and you send out a request for proposals (RFP) to potential candidates, chances are that you will be inundated with a sea of professionals vying to be hired to work on your project. How do you know which developer is the best choice for the job? When hiring a web developer, there are certain things you need to look for in order to ensure that you select the professional who will best serve your needs. Here are 5 qualities you should always seek in any development professional you may be considering for your website project.

1. Is He or She Service Oriented?

Oftentimes technology professionals, including web developers, aren’t known for their charisma or their ability to relate to or play well with others. The personality types that you find in this profession are often very introverted and they have a desire to get to the point quickly and address the job at hand rather than focus on customer service. This can cause a severe lack in what many would constitute an acceptable level of customer service.

If you are okay with working with someone who is not exactly friendly and outgoing, but is great at what they do in regards to web development, then you can overlook their personality quirks and the perceived lack of service. If, however, your desire is to work with someone who you can communicate easily with, relate to, and someone who is on the ball in terms of customer satisfaction, then you need to make sure the developer that you hire has as much of a dedication to customer service as they