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Design is about more than just sparkle, shine, and sleekness, it’s a lot more. It’s about a lot more including the value of the product and brand, it impacts the engagement with the customers and the process that goes on behind the business, and that’s just the beginning of the list. The world needs every designer’s creative insight if you have an idea, a thought or away, the world needs you!

It needs your abilities to recognize patterns, to combine ideas that inspire and influence those around you as you dive into engaging issues.


As a designer, you need to be known for more than just code. You need to be known for knowing your business. The world is in need of a creative wakeup call and design thinking has its number. You are not just pixels, so don’t let the world think you are. You have to add value that has an impact, if you’re not packing a creative punch that’s filled to the brim with knowledge gained from consumer insight, you’re not helping yourself or the world in the way that you could be. It boils down to you being you, how you think, how you empathize, how you use those things to communicate with the consumers that make your company worthwhile. When presenting, be sure to talk up your designs with insightful thoughts, stories that elicit empathy, and blow them away with your brilliance.

Don’t walk into a meeting and drone on about technical this or that, as a designer you should already know that you need to connect with your audience. Study them and empathize with them, understand them and you need to understand that everything needs to have a case presented for it and everything you say and do has a financial impact.

You are a designer with ideas and thoughts all your own, good ideas and thoughts. We finally have a seat at the big kid’s table, if we don’t own what we think and do, we won’t get to keep it.


When a company invests in creative thinking, they can reap quite the rewards. Investing your time and creative thinking into a design and its strategy and how that strategy can impact a business and decisions that need to be made for that business hold a pretty grand value. You need to know what you want and how to achieve it. Keep in mind your goal, that’s your big picture, but you also need to keep in mind all the colors that go together to create your picture.

How can you make your concept a reality?

How can you let people know that they need your business?

What do they need that you can give them and what makes you the best one to give it to them?

Find that answer and use it to your advantage. No one is going to pick out the colors for your picture or add something that makes it special, no one except you.


All you can do is do you, be the best at what you do. Read everything related to your specialty. Stray from your comfort zones, but don’t go too far or stay out of them for too long. Engage with your target audience, ask questions and don’t be afraid to share your ideas and ask for advice and opinions. Read and study strategy. Most importantly do you and use everything you know and learn to build your business in every way imaginable.